WealthSentry works hard every day to find the investment markets that can help you build and sustain long term wealth. And when there is no such market, WealthSentry moves some or all of your assets to cash and cash alternatives to provide security in a troubled world, so you can enjoy your retirement and financial freedom.


Grow Wealth - Guard Wealth - Live Better

There is only one place to access WealthSentry Portfolio Management

WealthSentry Asset Management is combined with our Zacks stock and ETF selection process as well as our analysis of what's working now in oder to provide you with the potential for growth and income with measured stability.

WealthSentry Portfolio Management positions your investments for growth during accelerating long term markets and protection during declining long term markets. It takes expereince, analysis and research on an ongoing basis to accurately position your portfolio based on your personal goals and market conditions.

Our process includes Global Analysis, or what's really happening in the world, especially here in the U.S., the most powerful country in the world. What is happening or what fads will have an impact on investment direction.

Fundamental Analysis, or what happening with specific economic developments on a macro basis and what's happening with the investment itself on a micro basis and what the most likely outcome of the fundamentals are on the longer term outcome of the security is.

Technical Analysis, or when is the proper time to make the move into or out of a security, group of securities or certain sectors. Even though something might be happening such as inflation on a broad level or a good or bad earnings announcement on an individual secuity level, the market may or may not make it a good time to own or sell the underlying investment. That may happen immediately, in the next few days or weeks or never. Proper Technical analysis will tell you the best time to buy, sell or hold.

Each day, Monday through Friday, you will receive a brief update on my analysis of the markets, what going on and why. It may be brief or it may be long but you will be up to date. There are very few if any financial advisors, wealth managers or investment managers that give you as up to date information as AtlanticMidwest Investment Research. Then again, there is only one place in the entire world to get the WealthSentry - here, with us!

With more than 20 years of experience in investment management, we work to help you take advantage of growth and preserve value so you can live stress free and enjoy the life you want to live

WealthSentry is only available to Private Reserve Clients and certain qualifying Preferred Clients. Learn more by speaking to one of our specialists.