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A Look at Tax Planning for Retirement

After years of saving and planning for their golden years, many people nearing retirement fail to consider the tax burden they may face on income they receive after they stop working. While you will likely see a reduction in the amount of taxes you owe after the age of 65, you still need to plan…

Claiming the Medical Expenses Tax

In a given year, relatively few Americans take advantage of the federal income tax deduction for unreimbursed medical expenses. But if an illness or hospitalization in the family has led to an abrupt rise in your out-of-pocket health care expenses, you may find you qualify for some relief at tax time. Beyond the usual remittances…

Inflation is Not a Hidden Tax – It’s a Very Real Tax

Bracket Creep accounts for a real tax increase in about half of the 50 states We’ve all heard the saying that inflation is a hidden tax. But depending on which state you live in, it should simply be called a tax – because that’s what it is. If you live in a state that fails…