Focused Solutions for Retirement and Financial Freedom

Make A Career Transition the Most Empowering Day of Your Life!

The majority of our clients have been through a career transition of some type. Many of them were former employees of fortune 1000 companies whom during their late 40s, 50’s or early 60s were summarily dismissed from their employment due to a corporate reorganization of some type - which is a nice way to say you're fired. With almost every single client that we've worked with, there was no specific good reason, it was just part of the corporate path that they (didn't know) they were on.

The truth is, the day you've been let go may be the best day of your entire life!

Even so, at the moment, you may not feel like it.

We understand your concerns!

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Questions always come up such as: How will I tell my spouse and my family about what it is that we're going to have to do, what is the best way to set up my financial picture right now, how will this affect my life picture, what are my options regarding my my retirement account, how do I handle corporate options and other specialized incentive plans and what now is my vision for my future?

For more than a decade we’ve helped thousands of individuals through this incredibly difficult time. From there we have specialized in the analysis of the financial picture and helped our clients turn despair back into the dream - and then into the reality of a new path to total financial freedom and the targeted retirement they truly want.

We'll help you design the investment portfolio you need now, based on your current and evolving situation as well as the world we live in. We can help you identify and allocate funds to properly target tax managed retirement options; 401k's, IRA's, Roth IRA's and individual, joint and Trust based investment plans.

Other areas of financial planning are important and play an integral role of the entire retirement and financial freedom process. Our in-depth analysis of your financial picture and our ability to help you to obtain the type of retirement that you've always wanted or to build the financial freedom through traditional as well as non traditional investments and financial planning is our specialty.

Through our sister company, Archimedes Worldwide, LLC and its', we fill in the gaps in order to help you to create the best life by helping you unleash the power every person has within themselves to create an amazing life, career, and even build the business that you've always dreamed of in order to live the life that is truly spectacular.

It's about more than “Retirement”, it's about true total financial freedom to live the life you truly desire. It's never too late!