Building Powerful Cybersecurity Habits

Trying to overhaul every aspect of your cybersecurity system at one time can be overwhelming. For that reason, the Savvy Cybersecurity Quick Reference Guide asks you to commit to just three actions to take in the upcoming 30 days to improve your cybersecurity. But how do you ensure you keep improving your security? By building good cybersecurity habits.

Habit building has become increasingly popular with best-selling books such as Atomic Habits and Tiny Habits. How can we apply habit-building techniques to cybersecurity?

Habit 1: Create strong passwords

Updating all of your existing passwords at once could be time-consuming and challenging. If that seems like too much to do right now, make a habit of building strong passwords going forward. Any time you are prompted to make a new account, create a strong and unique password. Use this time to enter your new password into a password manager as well.

Habit 2: Turn on two-factor authentication

When making any new account, choose the most secure two-factor authentication option during setup. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security with a one-time code you must enter after your passwords. This one-time code is sent to your phone via text message or authenticator app. Most security experts now recommend choosing an authenticator app over text message codes.

Habit 3: Update your software immediately 

If you typically ignore the software update notifications for your devices and applications, make a habit of updating software as soon as possible. Software updates close known security vulnerabilities in different programs such as your operating system, browser, and other applications. As a new cybersecurity habit, begin updating these programs when you are first notified. Better yet, set up automatic updates where possible!

Starting to build these cybersecurity habits will ensure you continue improving your cyber defenses without becoming overwhelmed.

Source: Horsesmouth