Personal Career Based Financial Strategies

Are you employed in the career you want? Are you considering a career change? Have you been downsized, right-sized or another conveneint term fr fired due o a rediculous corproate re-organization?

Depending on your circumstnaces, we have the expertise to get you from where you are to where you really want to be.

If you're transitioning to a new career, making sure you and your family are safe financially is incredibly important.

Beyond transferring your 401k, if necessary, we'll help you to consider all of your options regarding YOUR LIFE, not just someone else's (the corporate vision).

We'll help you to map out a strategy for financial success that fit's you perfectly. And through LifeByDesign360, we can help you to find the best possible anvenue for a life that's exhilirating and amazing.

How to Maximize Personal & Entrepeneurial Strategies for Unlimited Success

Start a business that could lead to unlimited Financial Freedom and an Amazing Life.

The overwhelming majority of people don't know what an amazing oppotunity awaits them based on years of tenure with the corporate world. Turn your corporate retirement plan into a super wealth building platform

New Business

  • Use funds built up in 401k's to start your new business tax free.
  • Use your 401k and other funds to access capital to build an amazing business.

Profitable Enterprise

  • Maximize funding into Retirment and other plans to save for your future and reduce taxes. Business oriented retirement plans are on the the best wealth building and tax reduction strategies ever.
  • Create plans to enhance wealth, build profit, maximize employee productivity and fund your retirement. Strategies to transfer up to $250,000 annually from your corporation to your personal strategies and reduce taxes

Sell your business and retire or begin anew

  • Use Employee Stock Ownership Plans to transfer corporate ownership and produce loyalty. Create amazingtax beneifts for the business seller and employee buyers.

Turn you passion into unlimited wealth and financial freedom.

In October 2019, I sat next to a scrappy looking dude at a business strategy meeting. Curious, I asked what he did. He told me he taught guitar - to 1500 students over the internet and he made almost $700,000 per year doing it. And worked part time!

Prior to that, he was barely getting by making only $38,000 per year. Using the new strategies we learned with him an now teach.

Russell Brunson, another amazing success story you may have heard of ramped up his business from 0 to 100 million in three years. 3 Years!

He did it by using the same strategies we teach at LifeByDesign360. Add to that the financial strategies we incorporate through AtlanticMidwest and you have a huge edge in your favor.

Everyone who has been in the business world has a talent, an expertise, special skills that can lead to unlimited financial freedom.

Through LifeByDesign360 we teach people like yourself how to realize your amazing talent, your passion and turn it into a potentially massive financial asset.

For 30 years we've shown business owners, entrepeneurs and corporate leaders of small businesses how to turn that income and wealth building machine into massive financial opportunity through business retirement plans and related financial strategies to mazimize and guard wealth for themslves and their families.


We can also show you how to bridge from a career you may love, or not, into a business you love and may never even consider retiring from due to your passion while building the side wealth to command all opportunities of business ownership, franchise, growth or divesture.

Because, at some point you may want or need to sell and enjoy the freedom you've achived.

We know how to get you there!

Secrets You Must Know for Surviving a Career Transition

These are unordinary times! There are secrets you must know to survive a career transition

Changing jobs can be scary! Further, done incorrectly it can be very costly. This webinar will give you the inside knowledge to make sure you're on the right path.

  • What to do about Healthcare
  • Should I rollover my 401k, 403b or Pension
  • How and when to negotiate to maximize your severance pay.
  • What to do with corporate options, and special incentive pay.
  • and much, much more!